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HR-OD.com, what is it?

What is HR-OD.com?
It’s my consulting business whose purpose is to help people make the connection between Human Resources and Organization Development.  It’s that simple. Everything we do in HR affects the culture of the organization, in other words, “develops” the organization.  So every decision we make in HR needs to be purposeful . And viewed from the perspective of what we are saying to employees about  who we want to be as an organization.

Why hire me?
I came to understand the connection between HR and OD when I was the HR director in a large metropolitan school district in Minnesota through from my studies in Organization Development at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, where I am a doctoral candidate. I started my doctorate in 2008 at age 57, when I realized that OD could be the philosophical and practical underpinning for much of what I already knew how to do.

Who’s watching us?
Employees are watching how HR treats them and others. Everything we do in HR “says” something to employees. We need to decide what we want to “say” and then “say” it over and over every occasion we get.  I believe that every interaction that employees have with HR is an “OD intervention” or an opportunity for change. So as HR professionals, we also need to be mindful of what we say, do, and promote. My work is to assist organizations in doing just that.

Does this make sense? Or should we just go sailing?  🙂