Your HR Department Hates You

Your HR Department Hates You: How Corporate Overseers Exploit Workers
“The Wall Street Journal reports that some fed-up executives are fighting back, even firing their human resources departments. And they’re using tools such as outsourcing and automation to compensate for eliminating HR positions.”
Drastic measures, I would say, since the article ignores the development side of HR. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Your HR Department Hates You

  1. My experience with HR in the Fortune 500 was always positive, even in tough situations with employees they were there to help and “jump on the grenade”. HR isn’t easy, and I don’t know how contractors or off site staff could get to know the employees as well and watch over things.

    I did observe the constant driving toward extreme efficiency go too far in my opinion which I think this article is talking about, but that was from the top, not HR.

    It resulted in micro management of the front line people, tracking everything employees did down the minute at which they took their lunches, etc. There was a series of suicides a while back, and right or wrong I immediately wondered if the work environment had contributed.

  2. Thanks for your observations, Tom. I’m glad that your experiences with HR have been positive. Unfortunately, I have watched HR fall into compliance mode as well as efficiency mode, forgetting about who they serve. Spotlight on Target and how Target has lost their way. HR has done little to prevent the bleeding and help management focus on the human potential right before their eyes in their employees. Instead, they are just numbers and dollar signs.

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